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Taken Feb. 24 - the bud stem is just starting.

March 5 - bud is growing.

March 12. Second bud is starting from side shoot.

March 18 - second bud stem is really showing now and first...

April 7. Both stems fulling in bloom. NOT the greatest flower -...

It has been great being back on our lot. Most of the people have left – I think there are only 4 other couples here and some of them are leaving soon. I'll have to get a pot luck going this weekend if we want to see any of them.

We have been busy doing our own “honey do” lists. I've been washing clothes and moving essentials from the MH to the 5th wheel. Ron has been fixing things.

After a while of going down the road – drawers seem to give up. Especially if cheap plastic drawer glides have been used. Ron spent Wednesday fixing drawers in both the 5th wheel and the MH. It will be much easier to put his socks away now. :)

The trip back from North Ranch went very well. I puled the MH out of our space and parked in the parking lot to hook up. We then went to the office to pay and get our good-bye hugs. There was a 5th wheel parked ahead of us and kinda in the driveway, so I waited for him to leave first. Then I pulled out on the road. It took me a while to get up to speed but I was able to keep it between the lines. By the time we got to Congress, I was in the grove. The trip went quickly and, at one point, Ron even had to tell me to slow down. After that I set the cruise control and was able to keep the speed more even. I did hit the rumble strip at one point when a big 18-wheeler stock truck passed me, but only for an instant.

The trip around the roundabout went well and I headed for Zip to pick up gas. I let Ron out and he directed me into the RV lane and then he filled the tank. He then moved me forward so he could fill the pick-up. He forgot the first rule of direction – I couldn't see him in my mirrors so I stopped. I must have been in the right place as he just filled the tank and then got back in the MH. I was able to get out in spite of a jerk that had pulled into the propane fill station at a weird angle and the trip back to the lot was easy-peasy.

We unhooked the pickup and I drove into the lot and parked it, again in spite of some weird direction. (That boy has got to learn how to give signals!!) I put the jacks down and we were home.

We had 10 people at the SKP luncheon on Tuesday. At least 4 of them will be heading north this next week so our numbers will dwindle. I was able to talk to some of them about places to go and things to see while in OR so will look forward to that.

Wednesday, I spent most of the day at the Community Center. Sharon, the Librarian, had asked me to switch my hours in the CC office to Wednesday, the same day I put books away at the library. This saves a 38 mile round trip for me, so I said yes. I sit in the office from 10 to 2 and then put the books away. It works out very well – especially yesterday – when another lady decided to put the books away for me. So I spent most of my time reading my Nook and backing up my computer on line. I figured I would use their internet connection as the back up was going to be several gig and I didn't want to go over my limit.

I have been taking pictures of this aloe cactus bloom since the last part of February, so I thought I would share it with you. I didn't get to take some of the pictures in between as we were in Yuma or Congress – but you can get the idea of how the flower developed.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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