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Eagle on nest w/3 young

so big!


a little info

looking straight down at river, steep cliff on other side!

It's a long ways down

wish trees could talk!

my brain can hardly take in all that my eyes are seeing!

Life Lesson - Dig in -Hang on!

Lower Falls

Lower Falls going thru narrows

and over it goes

looking straight down at the river below

we can feel the water's power thru the rocks. . .

rapids upstream

big buffalo along the road

a fine looking buffalo

he was wading until I got ready to take his photo!

just a little stroll down the road

everyone stops . . .for the parade

outstanding profile

a little dirt is nice to roll in

and a lot is even better

don't you love his new "do"!

this guy is right next to the road - that's our car...

Buffalo Jam

LOTS of buffalo

here they come back again

one last look

more buffalo wallows

more of the buffalo jam . . .

just checking out the traffic situation - time to call a ranger...

Yellowstone is a very strange place

this geyser growls & belches out steam & small waves of muddy...

this was a small volcano/geyser that blew it's top

just a little too close for comfort!

a pelican

fisherman on Yellowstone Lake

bags filled w/water to fight a forest fire in Yellowstone

Lodgepole pines

Yellowstone Lake is sooooo big!

some little pretties

another view of the lake

Lots of wild flowers along the road

boiling & bubbling all over the place

see the little white gas bubble . . .

we watched as several bubbles came to the surface

really cool!



opps another bubble

a big one pops to the surface

some of this water is boiling hot

a cone geyser

these big piles of rocks are being cut to make a rail...

what a view - photo doesn't do it justice

more views & there's a bear down there!

watch out for falling rocks. . .

makes me shutter when I think of flames roaring up this mountain...

look mom - no railing

more views

the wild flowers are just unbelievable thru here . . .


very big valley below Tower Falls

more valley

our rental car

above that big canyon - don't think those little flags offer much...

raven on rock wall

see the river below. . . WAY below!

a little bear

where is your mama?


more strange sights

see the little people on the walkway???

a vent right next to the road

a couple of elk just hangin' out

more elk, causing a big elk jam

horse ranch on the way back to Red Rock

a mule deer checking us out

not a good photo, but this is Red Rock - home again

Will mostly let the photos tell about our day. . . it was really great. Weather cooperated, it was hot, but not unbearable. We traveled thru many different types of landscapes - saw lots of animals: hundreds of buffalo, elk, bear (5), Mule Deer, Eagles - 3 adults & 3 babies), geese, pelicans . . . I am sure I left something out - but it was great.

We rented a little car & zipped all over the place, the park was packed - have never seen so many rangers & other local/state police vehicles - seemed like 1 for every 10 cars. The major attractions - like Old Faithful & Tower Falls were so jammed w/people that we drove thru the parking lots & decided it wasn't worth walking 2 miles to see, we had visited both when we last visited the park. There are a lot of new building going on around Old Faithful, some really big buildings - it looks very different. NOTE: when we returned to the Red Rock RV Park - Gordon told us that he heard on the news that VP, Joe Bidden was at Old Faithful giving a speech -- they had bussed in large #s of people from all over for the big event! That helped to explain all the law enforcement we saw most of the day!

We put 49 miles on the motor home & 233 miles on the rental car! We are both tired! Had a short visit w/Juanita & Gordon after our return, ate a quick dinner & relaxed for a bit. Every conversation w/our friends brings up more ?s - wish we had a week - or more - to get to know each other better. Just admire these two so much -

Will post details later . . .

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