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Boothbay, ME - Shore Hills Campground - Site 117

Boothbay, ME - Shore Hills Campground - Site 117, another view

Saco, ME to Boothbay, ME 1 - some of the tidal basin...

Saco, ME to Boothbay, ME 2

Saco, ME to Boothbay, ME 3 - some more tidal basin

Saco, ME to Boothbay, ME 4 - some wetlands

Saco, ME to Boothbay, ME 5 - Red's Eats in Wiscasset. ME...

Dept. Maine Resources Aquarium 1 - Lunch anyone

Dept. Maine Resources Aquarium 2 - How about a blue lobster

Dept. Maine Resources Aquarium 3 - some Sea Anemones

Dept. Maine Resources Aquarium 4 - a flounder and a crab

A tour boat in Boothbay Harbor

East Boothbay across the bay from Boothbay Harbor - the tall ship...

Some more of East Boothbay

Lobster trap buoys in the bay

The trip to Boothbay from Saco was less than 70 miles. We are really getting spoiled by these short drives! We are spending the one night at Shore Hills Campground about four miles north of Boothbay. It is an upscale RV Park with upscale prices but the only game in town for the most part. We have a full hookup, 50 amp, pull-through with great cable and a clear view of the southern sky. We even have a wood deck with table. As we came through Bath, ME we did see a long line at Red's Eats and I though Doris was going to try to make me find some place to park the Mothership in that dinky parking lot!!! :)

After check in at the RV Park we didn't even level the Mothership but just unhooked Libby and went on down to Boothbay Harbor to see the Maine Dept. of Marine Resources Aquarium. It was really just one large room with several aquariums containing the sea creatures from around Maine. They had an interesting display on lobster fishing explaining the fishing procedures, catch limits, etc. and why they turn bright red when cooked. Apparently the heat destroys all of the other pigments (blue, green, yellow) and leaves just the red behind.

We then came back to the RV Park and finished setting up the Mothership, including the satellite, and had the left over pizza from the other day. We leave tomorrow for Greenville, ME which is on the southern shore of Moosehead Lake deep inside Maine. We hope to find moose to observe but at least we will see some more beautiful scenery.

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