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Landslide Along the Way

More Landslide

Landslide Covered Large Area

Marketplace By/In Front of Church - Maya Type

Tons of PEOPLE!

Mayan Women Selling Everything

Watching the Crowd From Restaurant ...

Fancy Cafe Across the Way Ladies Selling Stuff By the Door

Right Below Us In Restaurant

Update 11/10/12: Earthquake Nearby Chichicastenango

News Report of Earthquake

Up and out early so by 8am we´re at the colectivo stop, in a van headed for Uspantan. Up, down,, around curves in mtns...a huge landslide from 4 Jan 2009 wiped out the road for a long distance (just a gravel road most of the way anyway), so down and around this slide and on. We see evidence/scars of rock slide areas all along the way. Spectacular views, slow going, especially picking up and dropping off folks. Arr in Uspantan and immed into (we are the last passengers to squeeze in, literally!) van headed for Santa Crus del Quiche. More up & down all around spectacular mtns much of it w/ pine trees and dry, looks like MT in fall. Houses here are mostly adobe brick w/ tiles over sheet metal roofs. Into Quiche and jump into bus the last 19km to Chichicastenango - the major market/Maya center Sun & Thur. Arr and ck into Mini Hotel Chichicasteca half block from bus drop off and right next to huge market.

Chichicastenago Info

We spend rest of the day wandering the market. I am able to get another pr of light pants and finally, a mesh carrying day bag, yahooo! Colorful Maya women everywhere w/ bundles of goods or babies. Iglesia Santo Tomas was very similar to Chumula but a bit more Catholic in appearance inside...the rituals appear to be same. We have rice and black beans w/ tortillas in the market food serving area - 5q ea.= 65 cents, yum. Then to a balcony restaurant overlooking the scene, Los Cofrades, and we watch as the people begin to take down their booths and the last end-of-day sales.

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