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our day 25, day 11 on rt 66 - sun., 11th - was cool/cloudy and misty so photos will show it - we stopped at a reconstructed town "red oak II" where somebody with mucho mullas brought every old structure in the original red oak area and moved them to a new area, this is a must see in our photos... we finally finished missiouri and passed through the 14 miles in kanasas now in oklahoma camping at grand lake - we also stopped at a four states chrome mafia chop shop truck stop for tommy donely, many photos there of it.

it rained again but we hear where some of the places we were, it is snowing, we're headin' south...

another rt66 no-no do not camp if your plan to do the 6's, camping was not the thing to do then and there are few camping areas along rt66 and the few that are near are 15/50 miles away so you have to go there and come back where you left off!

ron & bebe

see our day 11 on rt66 photos (photos are NOT captioned, will do later at a wifi place) it is enought for us to just drive & see the rt 66 much less take photos, edit them, upload them whenever we can and caption them also...


our google map camp location


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