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Today we spent a leisurely morning and then decided around 10 to head into Pictou and explore the downtown area.

When we first arrived in Pictou we said this would not be one of the places we look at if we decided to move back to Nova Scotia. We have changed our mind if we did relocate this would definately be a place w would look at. The town is one of people who love their town and their heritage and very proud of it which they should be. The area is beautiful and summers are normally very nice weather no not as hot as Kelowna the winters are very cold and quite a bit of snow but for us that doesn't worry us because we wouldn't be spending winters here.

Anyways we wandered into town and they have a revitalization committee that is trying to build the downtown area. The Town of Pictou is located on the beautiful Northumberland Shore of Nova Scotia and it is renowned as the "Birthplace of New Scotland" as it was here that the first wave of Scottish immigrants landed in 1773.

The Hector Heritage Quay is a major cultural tourist attractions in Pictou. Through the depiction of the story of Scottish migration to the New World, the Hector Heritage Quay introduces visitors to the history and culture of the area. A series of imaginative and informative displays retell the story of the Ship Hector voyage in 1773. The centerpiece of the attraction is a full scale reproduction of the ship Hector. This three masted, fully rigged ship is found on Pictou's historic waterfront.

You can visit a working blacksmith's forge, and then you can hear the rhythm of the mallets and chisels of the ship's carpenters, discover the works of the resident artist which depicts the story of the voyage and reconstruction of the ship Hector. The story of the Hector was on September 15th, 1773, the Hector landed at Brown's Point in Pictou harbour with 189 passengers aboard. These thirty-three families and twenty-five single men began the first Scottish settlement in Nova Scotia and what is now the town of Pictou. Thereafter many other Scots followed the people of the Hector to New Scotland.

The museum shows the sacrifies they made and also what they went through on the trip over. I know I could of never survived what they had to deal with. While we were going through the lighthouse museum we met Rip Irwin who is the founding member and former president of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society. He told us that he spent eight years visiting every lighthouse in the Maritimes taking pictures of them and documenting the history of each one. He was so interesting to listen to. They are now in Pictou catalogue all his information and a publisher had approached him about doing a book on each Maritime province. We were able to get his first book which is of all the lighthouses of Nova Scotia it was great because we showed him which ones we had seen so far and he told us more about them. He also over a 20 year period has visited other lighthouses across Canada and around the world which he also has documentated. Both Brian and I said we could of talked for hours with him and if you can believe it Rip talks more than Brian.

As we were touring the Hector we met an artist who does all the paintings for Pictou. He paints chests with images of the ship and various other heritage scenes of what has happened in Pictou. He did beautiful work and we would have loved one of the chests but when your living in an RV there just isn't the space to collect things. I guess pictures of them will have to do.

It was getting around noon so we headed over to a little cafe downtown and had a cup of tea and the best desert it was a double chocolate square with whipping cream and carmel sauce are you hungry yet! We continued wandering around downtown for quite awhile just really enjoying ourselves. It's not that there is a lot to see but there are so many locals to chat with and enjoy spending time with. We came back to the campsite and sat outside and had a drink. Wendy & Wade returned from Halifax and we heard all about the tall ships and everything they saw.

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