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Tok, AK - Sourdough Campground - Site E12

Entering back into the US from the Yukon Territories

This was shot after we had removed about two-thirds of the gravel...

The trip from Destruction Bay to Tok, AK was probably our worst roads to date. There were several sections of gravel road in the Yukon Territories that were anywhere from a couple of miles to 12 miles long. Libby did get one small ship in the windshield but was lucky it wasn’t worse as evidenced by all of the gravel on her windshield and hood area. The worst part of the road was the poorly repaired roads. There were sections that really gave you a workout just to avoid the potholes and huge dips that sent the Mothership into all kinds of gyrations if you didn’t see them in time to slow down. But we survived it and made it back to the good ole USA. Tok is only about 75 miles from the border and the last 47 was brand new highway where we could drive the speed limit. The first 28 miles was a little worse but nothing compared to the Canadian portion of the Alcan Highway. We also filled the Mothership again. It was a only 3.04 a gallon as opposed to the 4.60 we paid yesterday - much better!

We are staying at Sourdough Campground which has a lot of hype but the things they do to entertain are not what we enjoy so we just stayed at the Mothership and had a leisurely dinner of enchiladas and refried beans. We have pretty good cell service for the phone but my internet connection is really slow. I tried to get DirecTV and found the satellite but the signal was too weak to do any good. We plan on being out of here early tomorrow for the long drive to Valdez. I hope the construction is limited!!!

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