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On the monorail in KL

Aren't we courteous??

Petrona Towers

Wearing in my new hiking boots, I felt like a weird GI...


This is the worst dish I have seen on a menu for...

Bar in the Lot 10 shopping centre, wish lounges you can lay...



Massive Chuppa chupps in KL airport

I flew from Chiang Mai on Wednesday back down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and finally saw more than just the airport. In saying that however the airport has undergone huge renovations since I was last there in February and another sleepless night in the terminal MIGHT be more bearable now! I stayed at the Tune Hotel next to the airport that only opened a few weeks ago and it was fantastic; tiny but very nice and comfortable.

Bright and early Thursday morning I headed into KL Sentral by bus and monorail. It was so exciting to be in my first real city since I left home! And there I was thinking Chiang Mai was the ants pants because it had a chemist, lol. KL has all the creature comforts of home with an Asian twist.

I've decided not to spend time in India after all due to the monsoon season starting right about when I will get there so instead am going to go trekking in Nepal and Tibet starting 3 May. Of course now that I have just booked this I've realised that I have no appropriate clothes for trekking up Mt Everest so my arrival in KL was very welcome. I trudged around the city all morning before finally finding a shop that sold hiking boots then it took another hour to find thermals, gloves and a variety of other boring items that will be essential in the coming weeks. When really all I wanted to do was buy some of the gorgeous clothes and geeky gadgets...

The one thing I wanted to do in Malaysia was to go for a fish spa treatment. So off I went to the fish place and washed my feet as per the instructions. Then I sat down and put my feet into what was essentially a large moat-like fish pond filled with little (and some not so little) fish that proceeded to eat the dead skin off my feet. The little fish sort of just tickled your feet when they munched but the bigger ones gave quite a good nip that hurt a little! I managed to keep my feet in and found that after awhile the overwhelmingly ticklish sensation became bearable.

After wandering around the city for the afternoon I headed back to the hotel, had my first bottle of wine since I left home (in a paper cup 'borrowed' from the airport food court) and sat outside chatting with some other backpackers for hours.

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