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Brighton campsite

Wow, is that us?


Park equestrian center

Brave ground hog at our site!

3.6 mile hike ended @ the beach

We are ready for the boat race; looking forward to seeing old friends. After leaving Indiana, we mosied on up route 12 toward Pontiac, Mi. Dozens of lakes, of varying sizes, continue to cover the beautiful scenery. There is a wholesomeness in the rural farms, fruit and veggie stands, horses, accompanied with neighborhoods and small towns.

Brighton Lake State Park was our first stop. The lake is a big draw for the Michigan state park system. We enjoy watching the week-end campers; just trying to cram a little fun into the work life.

A state tree nursery is located on park property. The ash bore has been an unwelcome guest; consequently, the ash trees had to be removed. Take a close look at the wooden carvings made from the downed trees. It seems four sand hill cranes reside in the nursery. Each time I saw them wouldn't you know I didn't have the camera.

On up and across the road we came to Pontiac Lake State Park, the site of the boat race! It has been fun having a few lazy days. One can not be a tourist everyday! Reading, moderate hiking, checking out the town keeps us busy. Oh, no! We broke protocol- Mid week laundry and prep(cooking) for the race will be tomorrow. Then, Thursday is relocation to the actual race site.

Curious as to what happens at a boat race? Stay tuned for pictionary:)

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