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The Three Gossips

One of the many 'fins' in Arches

A prelude to Goblin Valley?

Landscape Arch

One end of an Arch

Partition Arch

Double O Arch

More fins

Delicate Arch

Garden of Eden

It turns out that Thelma and Louise was filmed all round here, in Arches, Canyonlands and in Moab Itself, though I don't think mine is the motel Geena Davis had mad sex with Brad Pitt in, apparently that was in Los Angeles.

Cool this morning, though it was hot again by 10 or so, though nowhere near as hot as I remember it can be in these desertey places. I spent the whole of today in the nearby and very fabulous Arches National Park. There was the usual scenic drive, but all the best arches by a long way were the ones you could only reach by walking. So I did a 7 mile loop through the Devil's Garden, and another three mile hike to the Delicate Arch, Utah's state symobol and on all its car license plates.

The Devil's Garden was quite an adventurous hike and had some amazing arches. Looking at one I thought I recognised another gawker, an English guy I had seen in West Yellowstone. The short version is that I was right, and we got talking and did the first half of the walk together, which was nice, and we arranged to meet later. After Devil's garden I whipped up to Delicate Arch, where there were hundreds of people going up for the sunset, which I was quite impressed by, as it is a hard climb for the average American. All in all Arches is a great National Park and on my list as a must-see if you are in the area.

I finished off the evening in a fairly cool but very crowded place in town having dinner and a drink with Paul, who was good company. He has done a not dissimilar trip to me, though he has been to the South-West US several times.

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