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Governor's Harbour

Cupid's Cay

Historical plaque

We strolled along the beach

Flower lined streets

Very colourful town!

Striking a pose

Governor's Harbour provides poor holding as an anchorage and the mooring balls are old and not recommended for use and this time of year with so much windy weather the bay is very rough. We wanted to see this town that was the original capital of the Bahamas so we decided to hitch hike the 16 miles to Governor's Harbour from our nice, safe spot at the wall in Hatchet Bay. We had heard that the locals would gladly pick up boaters and this proved to be true.

Less than a minute after we stuck our thumbs out we were picked up by a friendly woman on her way to work, traveling from The Bluff at the north end of the island to Governor's Harbour where she worked at the telephone company. Coming back it took us twice as long to get a ride, all of two minutes and we hopped in with a young guy on his way to Hatchet Bay to visit a friend. Like so many Bahamians he had an open bottle of beer between his legs. Unlike so many locals, he didn't toss the empty bottle out when he was finished.

Unfortunately on most of the islands garbage is a real problem. It is heartbreaking to see the contrast between such beautiful country and so much ugly garbage. It washes up on to the beaches and it's everywhere along the road and often in people's yards.

We strolled around Governor's Harbour and out to tiny Cupid's Cay which was the original settlement of the Eleutheran Adventurers, up and down the steep hills along narrow roads bordered by massive flowering trees and shrubs, out along the beach and back. We walked for hours and stopped for lunch at a little Bahamian restaurant. We were able to check our email for the first time in about 9 days at the library at a cost of $5/hr.

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