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Bosque Redondo Memorial

Treaty Rock, a Navajo Nation-AmeriCorps Project

Pecos River

Saddleback Mesa

Rugged Ranch Land

This morning I traveled to Fort Sumner, NM to visit Bosque Redondo Memorial / Fort Sumner. The Bosque Redondo exhibits tell the tragic story of the Navajos and Mescalero Apaches who were forced from their homes and placed in Bosque Redondo under military guard in the 1860s. They weren't allowed to take any of their household belongings. They didn't have enough clothing and protection from the weather nor enough food, so about 3,500 of them died there.

Behind the Visitor Center are the remains of Fort Sumner. Very little of it remains. There is also Treaty Rock, a Navajo Nation-AmeriCorps Project dedicated August 2, 1997. Nearby is a sacred memorial to those who died at Bosque Redondo. It contains stones from every area of the Navajo reservation. The Navajos regularly come here to conduct ceremonies.

Fort Sumner is also the location where Henry McCarty, alias William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid was killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881. Billy the Kid Museum is just up the road from Bosque Redondo Memorial, but I didn't stop there.

Before leaving the area, I called the Kiva RV Park in Tucumcari to make reservations for tonight. The owner used to live in Fort Sumner so she was able to tell me how to get to Tucumcari via back roads instead of going back to Santa Rosa and taking I-40. I saw some interesting scenery along the way. There was almost no traffic; I met only four other vehicles during the entire drive on NM 252! There weren't very many more vehicles than that on NM 209 into Tucumcari.

The weather has been wonderful today, with the high around 82.

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