Jackie and Bill and Henry's Retirement travel blog

These are not real. They are metal cutouts a rancher put up

A beautiful field just north of Waterton National Park in BC

Another wonderful view

AND another

View from the halfway point to the top of Bearhump Mountain in...

View of Glacier Natrional Park from Waterton National Park

Up and down views of the path we took to the top...

More wonderful views from top of Bearhump Mountain

View from highway outside Waterton National Park BC

More great views

Henry and his guests at the park in Waterton

More guests at our site

Our picture taken from the top of Bearhump looking toward the US...

Waterfalls we saw in the park

MOMMA Griz we saw on the way to the waterfalls

MOMMA and her cubs

Black bear we saw on the waterfall trail

This deer ran in front of us along a trail. This was...

We toured Glacier National Park in the RED BUS

Tunnel picture we took from our roof lookout in the red touring...

Group picture we took at the visitor center in Glacier

Sheep picture taken from about 300 yards away

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