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My niche at Tradewinds RV Park

Today was the day for a 5 hour ride from Nipomo to Vallejo via Route 101, 680, and 780. I got a taste of what it will be like to go east and get over the Rockies because there were two good-sized inclines and declines that slowed me to almost 30mph on the uphill and revved the engine on the downhill (so that I wouldn't go too fast). I can see I will be spending alot more money on gas until I reach the plains!

I waved and beeped to Frankie in Greenfield today. He was at a farm getting the truck loaded up right off of 101. He saw me, btw and waved back. That was neat!

This park is small but the site gives me a sense of privacy.

I just read that Vallejo was the original capital of California and that it was named for General Mariano Vallejo, who donated land to provide for the State Capitol. The town was also the site of the first Navy Yard on the West Coast.. The Navy Ysrd's first Commandant was David Glasgow Farragut who gained fame by uttering the battle cry of "Damn the torpedoes - Full Speed Ahead" during the Battle of Mobile in the Civil War. The last ship/submarine was built there in 1970, but it's still a Navy town because of servicemen returning and settling in Vallejo.

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