Anthony on the Gringo Trail 2005 travel blog

Convent in Lima, Peru

Monastery in Quito, Ecuador

Las Ipiales, Southern Colombia

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Sugar cane stall, Banos, Ecuador

Market in Ecuador

Uros Islander Lake Titicaca

Erica, Sacred Valley, Peru

Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, Peru

Inca Trail, up to Dead Woman's Pass

Inca Trail, forward from Dead Woman's Pass

Machu Picchu

Capybara and friend, Tambopata River

Dysfunctional parrots, Amazon Lodge

Me in jungle with machete!

Piranha Lake!

Puerto Muldanado, Peruvian Amazon

Convent, Arequipa, Peru

Church roof, Copocabana, Bolivia

Lake Titicaca

Shoeshine boy, La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivian turtles

Bolivian alligator

Bolivian monkey

Sucre, Bolivia

Salar salt sea, Bolivia

Bolivian flamingos




Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side

Close up on Iguacu

Buenos Aires Cemetery

Crypt Detail

Seal - Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Penguin - Puerto Madryn

Patagonian penguin

Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Los Huornos, Torres del Paine National Park

Glacier Grey, Torres del Paine National Park

Glacier Moreno, Patagonia

Trekkers on Glacier Moreno, Patagonia

I brought back some 2000 photos, never mind how many else were deleted over there. I have 'shortlisted' these down to about 150, and on this page is a sort of final 'best of' of those, about 40 or so. It is a mixture of my favourite places, pics of Erica and I, the most arty photoes, and just to represent some of the variety of the place, though strictly speaking that would mean more pictures of cafes, internet places and bus stations.

I probably travelled something between 15 and 20,000 miles within South America, and in conclusion, I loved the place. Its the most I have ever got into a foreign language, which was interesting, and the people were great The food was nothing that special though, except for Argentina. And in retrospect I should have booked more flights in advance and on-line, I should have bought warm weather clothing, and I should have flown into Caracas in Venezuala and out of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Coming back was hard. I was looking forward to friends and family and British countryside, but the weather was a shock, and things that were a problem before I went away were no better when I got back.

But travelling in itself always does me good, and best of all and embedded in my memories, was, as usual, the Natural World. I am not really a wildlfe sort of person, at least I don't go to zoos or watch those kind of programmes, but I very much enjoyed seeing the real thing, especially breaching Humpback Whales and shedloads of alligators and piranhas. I love the atmosphere and impressions of places like the deserts, the mountains, being at high altitude, the salt sea, and especially the Amazon Jungle. Outstanding were the Amazon Jungle in Peru and Bolivia, the Salar de Uyuni Salt Sea in Bolivia, Iguacu Falls on the Argentine/Brazil border, and the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentinian Patagonia, probably the last two most of all. And a lingering urge still remains to sit on a bus for several hours.

Here's to the next trip!

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