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The Cook House for the miners.

The kitchen

The dining room, cactus stew on special.

The stove with all it's cookware. Note the bottle stuck in the...

The bank with copper tinware on the front.

Interior of the bank.

Outside walls of the bank. Great windows.

Walt's barber shop

The interior of Walt's

"Just a little off the sides, John". "Ouch!"

Lots of purple glass, which can turn that color from the sun.

My favorite cactus, the Saguaro. (saw-war-o)

Carmelita's Cantina on the left.

"Set me up a cool one, buddy".

Tables and a bad dude coming through the door.

Carmelita's bedroom in the cantina

And, her living area.

Crude wooden fence.

Small welcome building interior with business cards from thousands of vistiors lined...

Outside the Veteran's Building. Very respected, no graffiti.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Names upon names of our veteran's

A very touching, sacred place to be.

Do you see anyone you know?

John signing.- 1970's - Vietnam - Navy

And, there he is with his fellow vets.

And, Larry signed, as well. Army - 1950's

And, Bob, as well, Air Force - 1960's

Beautiful glass

Info on depression glass.

Inside the school house.

Veterans building on the far left.

The Hotel.

Upstairs closed to visitors.

Gaming tables.

In the sitting room.

Rosa, sitting by the pool table.

Doesn't she look fetching?

Time for poker.

Above the doorway, stored trunks.

Close up..neat, aren't they?

Wagon for transporting cargo.

Mining machinery.

Stage Depot, 3:10 to Yuma

An original ATV?

Posted by the wagon.

Elevator to take the miners underground, and bells to let everyone know...

A drunken accident earned one of them a great nickname.

Blew the side right out.

I like the way they built the support beams in the Mill.

The digger's cabin.


Diggers clothes, not sure if these were work clothes or the "good"...

Well, here we are with the majority of the interior photos of the Castle Dome Ghost Town, but we also have the mining town for tomorrow.

Sorry for so many pictures, but I really wanted you to get the flavor of the town and show the wonderful sights that made it one of our favorite places to visit. We all agreed that this is a must see for anyone in the area.

Tomrrow will be the remainder of our journey exploring the past. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have reliving it here in this journal.

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