Beautiful ranch views around Craig...

Homes in the Craig area..

More views from Craig..



Deer are all over town in Craig...

A cool home in Craig..

The huge city pool in Craig..

Craig Campground, our favorite campground in town..

Last one, we had a great time here and will return..:-)

This will be out last update from Craig, Colorado. We love this town and already wished we had planned more time here. They have a booklet at the Chamber of Commerce that says they have 101 things to do in the area. We found even MORE than the 101 items listed. We especially loved exploring the Dinosaur Monument National Park in the area too. Some parts of it were quite a drive, but worth every mile we drove.

We will be leaving tomorrow morning. I am adding a few pictures taken in the area that never made it into the updates for the area. Craig is surrounded with beautiful ranches and the people in town are friendly and were wonderful to meet. We enjoyed our month here and will definitely return. We will be staying in Rocky Mountain National Park for the next month. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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