Mel And Nancy trip to Maritime Provences travel blog

town of Codroy Valley

history of Rose Blanche Lighthouse

Rose Blanche Lighthouse

Antique Collection

Dennis Playing the "Ugly Stick"

Mel kissing the cod, during the ceremony

final ceremony being made honorary Newfoundlanders

Nancy kissing the cod

A bus tour of the Grand Codroy and Port Aux Basques area all the way south to the “Rose Blanche Lighthouse”. “Rose Blanche” from the French meaning “White Rocks”. This area and harbor was first used by the French migratory fishermen and was first settled in 1810 as a fishing village. This again is a very rugged and rocky coast. The light house operated from 1873 to the 1940’s. Also on the channel approaches are channel marker bouys with fog horns that are activated by wave action. The local residents refer to these bouys as “groaners”.

The Grand Codroy RV Park was donated to the province for a park but after 33yrs of operation was purchased back by the original family for it’s present RV use.

At a hilarious and fun evening party our group of about 45 travelers became official honorary Newfoundlanders and Screechers at a “Screech-In” ceremony which involved singing and dancing and speaking in Newfie, drinking the local Newfie rum called Screech and lovingly kissing a cod fish on the lips. It was wonderful fun, even if a bit salty. This is where we were introduced to the term “Yes-B’y”, which can be used in many situations. For example, if a real Newfie speaks to you and you can’t understand a thing that was said, it would be appropriate to just say “Yes-B’y”.

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