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We have left The Grand Teton National Park but the beauty of...

A peaceful moment in the morning on the road to Togwotee Pass

This is the direction we are headed . . . Up ahead...

A beautiful green Wyoming that I have never experienced before. So lush...

5 miles into the climb of Togwotee Pass, stopped for some nourishment,...

Looking back to where we just came from . . .too bad...

Where is Kelly Wyoming you may be asking?? Let me go back to the beginning of the day.

Rain was lightly falling when we woke up, but we fully expected it this morning! The usual routine, we roused ourselves from a cozy night's sleep, packed up and went for breakfast. Already the rain had stopped and when we stepped outside, BLUE SKY! But we are in the mountains! High in the mountains in fact! If you ask a local do you think its going to rain today, they just give you that look that says "of course, you are in the mountains!'

But we were ncouraged! Just want to make mention of the awesome breakfast buffet at the lodge restaurant! There was the usual buffet with all the yummy stuff one tends to go for; French toast, biscuits and gravy, bacon and so forth BUT they had an alternate choice and called it the mini buffet and your choices were steel cut oats, cereal, tons of fresh fruit, yogurt and delicate little pastries! A real European influence!! So much healthier and yummy! It is great to see the park understand the needs and preferences of the international influence that fill the park! Such an great place to be!

So to be honest, Mike just doesn't feel himself yet. We have Togwotee Pass ahead of us. It is 40 miles just to get to the summit from where we started, the the approach to the pass is 20 miles. We have done that before, in fact welcome the long approach as it usually means an easier crossing! And that well may have been the case but we just can't get a break with the wind! As we climbed it gradually got worse. A head wind . . .no wait its from the east, no wait its from the west . . .no wait its everywhere! Swirling and changing constantly, 30-40mph, enough to knock us off the road twice, stop us in our tracks twice and we heard 2 trees crack and completely fall within the forest, the 3rd one I saw fall! Rain? Of course there was rain, but not in the torrential cloudbursts you would think would fall from the fat, gray clouds blowing by overhead. However between showers we probably did set a new record with our jackets "on again off again" routine!

So we struggled with all of these challenges for about 7 of the 20 miles up the pass, 8,600 ft of the 9,600 ft of the summit. Not feeling his usual self, Mike felt it was a good idea to pull into this rather attractive Togwotee Loodge that just appeared on the side of the road! Very inviting indeed. Don't know if the weather will be any better tomorrow. Perhaps the wind won't be quite a strong, perhaps the rain will be worse, any of these options is possible if you speak to Tabby at the front desk! She has been here for 10 seasons and pretty much knows what it is all about when it comes to the weather here! She suggested the wind doesn't really get much better, in fact . . . It will get worse on the down side of the pass. Wonderful news.

But we have to get Mike back on top of things and it is certainly better that he be the judge of what is best for him! I have officially changed our method of accomodation from camping to . . . . GLAMPING!!! We certainly have been comfortable most nights! This place is amazing!! One of those little surprise nuggets of beauty along the way!

Oh one good thing for me as a result of stopping early . . GREAT WiFi! So I have managed to catch up on photos, you can go back to the day CATCHING UP . . And see the photos i could not load up for 3 days!

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