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Our tour boat, the companies name is "Beemers", its family owned.

Some of the luxury homes on the snake river. I like the...

This is where we stopped for lunch. It is also owned by...

The National Rec area, you need a permit to go up farther...

These fishermen were fishing for sturgeon

The flag flying at little ranger station at the National rec area.

We all assembled at the boat dock at about 10:30 for our 11:00 trip down Hells canyon. There was paperwork to do before we could even step on the boat. We had to sign our lives away that if we did something stupid, we would not hold the company responsible. (I think this mostly applies to people who "over indulge" and jump off the boat to take a swim etc.) And we had to provide our zip code to the park service for our entrance to the recreation area. Then we had permission to board the boat.

The boat was about 40 feet long and powered by 2 Cummins 450 diesels with Hamilton jet drives. Each jet drive had a 10 inch nozzle. So plenty of power to get us through what ever the river might throw at us. The river is really full right now, so lots of water, and changing conditions every day. Along the way up we stopped to look at cool rock formations, saw an osprey nest complete with babies, some big horn sheep also with a baby, and lovely homes.

The weather is really warm today and heading up to the 90's, so a day on the water will be cooler than being on land. Our boat captain has the big door on centerline open and the cool air from the water feels good. The windows slide open, so you can get more air and take pictures. There is not much debris in the water, so we can roam around the boat a bit. On this hot day I think we were all thankful for the canopy on the boat!

About 1/2 way through the trip up river, the road ends and anyone that wants to build "off the grid" must use a barge or a helicopter to bring in their materials. There were some pretty nice homes built up there. You would need to have a boat to get back and forth to get supplies.

About 12:30 we stopped for lunch which was included in the tour price. The food was was fried chicken, biscuits, green salad, and cupcakes with ice tea, water, or lemonade to drink. After we were done with lunch we headed up to the National recreation area where there was a small museum ran by the Park service. Some guys were fishing across the river from us. We watched them catch a sturgeon, But unfortunately it was "catch and release". All the sturgeon in the snake river are protected. But You can keep any wide mouth Bass you catch.(That would be kind of a let down after hooking a sturgeon!)

The museum was as far as we were going up the canyon. I guess there is a full day trip that takes you up farther. But 5 hours on a boat is long enough, I think. I had expected to see the canyon walls closing in on us, like up at Ross lake.

It was a slow trip up the river to see the sights and a pretty fast trip back to the dock. We were back by about 1600. Everyone agreed that it was a fun trip!

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