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Katie asleep on the plane to Shanghai :)

So lonely

The beautiful skyline

The maglev train

Our Shanghai experience has been split into two halves, the first half being the lowest point in our four months of travelling and the second half being a lot more positive.

It began before we left New Zealand Adam mentioned he was feeling very achy, with a 12 hour flight ahead of us he took some tablets and lucky for us managed some how to get through it.

Once we arrived in Shanghai we decided to take the maglev train to a the city. It's the fastest one in the world and can reach speeds of up to 430km/h. We headed to the hotel and Adam went straight to bed (and slept for 15 hours straight). As he was not feeling hungry this left me to venture out into Shanghai alone to find some diner and get something for him to drink. Lucky for me there was a shopping mall not to far away, as I easily get lost I decided to not go to far and headed straight there. On the ground floor there was a supermarket so I decided to buy the essentials, coconut water, green tea, an orange and a banana the total coming to more than our meal out the following evening. I then managed to find a McDonald's so feeling very proud of my survival headed back to check on the patient. The following day Adam was feeling a little better so was at least able to come and eat with me. We decided to not do to much over the next few days hoping the rest would help Adam feel better. We did head for a walk along the bund (the river bank) to view the sky line and couldn't believe how many people had decided to do the same thing. We had to queue to get up on the river bank then edge our way through the crowds to get a picture. Our first impressions of Shanghai were not starting well.

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