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Most of the rest of our group arrived today. Some were mighty jet lagged, but others had tacked on additional adventures in the Wiseman way. One couple came via an OAT trip in Peru and others came via an Antarctic adventure. As they raved about how awesome it was, they also went on and on about seasickness. If only I could go there without my body. One woman missed a connecting flight and will arrive here in just enough time to fly on to Easter Island. American Airlines has also lost her luggage. That's why we always come early.

Our guide Luis took us for a walk downtown beginning with a metro ride. The subway is clean, quiet and well marked, but I would not want to be there during one of the massive earthquakes Chile regularly endures. We walked a pedestrian shopping mall. Since it was Sunday, shopping opportunities were minimal. It appears to be an individual vendor choice. Most electronics stores were not honoring the day of the Lord.

Since most older buildings have fallen down at some point, there were only a few that had that Spanish Colonial look that we expected to see. OAT encourages its guides to talk about difficult and controversial subjects. Luis sat us down in a shady spot to describe his experiences under dictatorship. When he was two his father was taken away and no one ever expected to see him again. Ten years later he was freed without explanation, but he rarely talked about what had been done to him. At least he was still alive.

In the evening we enjoyed a welcome dinner on the top of a rotating skyscraper, overlooking the tallest building in South America.

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