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Carpes at Bad River (Ashland) Casino
Site fee included electricity, water, & dump

Lake Superior at Marquette

At least they're honest about it...

Lotsa deer in these parts

US 2

Michigan detour just before the border

Wisconsin welcome

Construction slowed us down a bit

We stayed at the Bad River Casino

Tue, 11 Aug: We finally pay for services...

After a week of boondocking and dry camping we decided to stop where we could fill our fresh water tank and empty the not-so-fresh tanks. We're not close to being in "crisis" after a week, but it is prudent to get these chores out of the way.

After two very delightful days at the Ojibway Casino east of Marquette we got things ready for the road and rolled wheels a few minutes after nine. Back on M 28 west thru Marquette and toward Wisconsin. M 28 met US 2 east of the Wisconsin border and we continued west. Just before the border there was a detour that took us thru some residential areas of Ironwood. The detour was laid out fairly well and we were minimally inconvenienced.

We crossed into Wisconsin and continued west on US 2. East of Ashland there was more construction, this one a bit larger and we waited fifteen minutes or so for a pilot car to lead us thru the work zone. Right at the end of the work zone we arrived at our destination, the Bad River Casino.

This is not quite as nice a casino as the two we visited in Michigan. First off, they charge for the use of their sites. Twenty dollars seems a bit stiff for what we received, but given the going rate in and around Ashland it isn't too out of line. And, as previously mentioned, we got to dump and water up. To complicate matters, we had absolutely no Verizon signal!

Today's drive was uneventful other than several deer running along US 2 in front of us. We spotted them in plenty of time to slow down and they ran into the brush long before we got to them.

All in all a very enjoyable 180 miles with an overall fuel economy just shy of 8 mpg.

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