2014 Cross Country 2 travel blog

Little Hollywood Museum in Kanab

Dune buggy tracks on the sand dunes at Pink Coral Sands State...

Dune buggys cruisin' the dunes at Pink Coral Sands

Sand boarder down the big dune

Main dune at sunset

Horseshoe Bend at sunrise

Camping along the Colorado River on the Horseshoe Bend

Sunrise on the rim of Horseshoe Bend

Climbing up the hill away from the rim of Horseshoe Bend

Descending the steps into Lower Antelope Canyon

Photographers in awe with the colors of the sandstone walls of Lower...




Sun light penetrating into Lower Antelope Canyon







Lone Rock in Lake Powell

It was so windy on Lake Powell that sand dunes were beginning...

The Toadstools

Photographers sizing up a giant hoodoo at the Toadstools

Another of the hoodoos at the Toadstools

Sunset bathing this hoodoo in warm light

The has set and the sky turned beautiful purple

Layered sandstone cliffs at sunset in the Toadstools

No posts since we arrived in Kanab because I couldn't stay awake long enough at night to get pictures done and write a note. This photography stuff is hard. You are always chasing the light. Our days began about 4:30 AM every day this week so we could get to where we were going before the sunrise, shoot for about an hour or so and move on to the next location. We squeeze in a late breakfast, shoot some more, grab lunch and then get to where we needed to be for sunset. After a long drive in the dark, we would arrive back in Kanab about 6:00 or 7:00 PM. Once I got back to Winnie, I needed to download my pictures and charge the camera batteries and get everything ready to go in the morning. Oh yeah, I also said hello to Sue.

The weather this week was superb. for hiking as well as photography. Cool in the morning and warming to the mid-60's during the day with a nice breeze to keep you cool. The only cloudy weather we had was today (Thursday). We visited Pink Coral Sands State Park, the famous Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, Lower Antelope Canyon, the Toadstools, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and to top it all off the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are lots of pictures so I'm not going to write any more tonight. I'll post those from the first 2 days tonight and the rest tomorrow. I need a decent nights sleep.

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