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Friday, September 2, 2016

This was a very good day. Started out cold (16⁰C - 59⁰F) and rainy with 10-15 mph winds. Decided to go into downtown Charlottetown. The town is populated by stunning old buildings date to late 18th & early 19th century. Many have been preserved and used for offices and stores in the downtown area.

Following the towering church spires we saw from blocks away we found St Dunston’s Basilica just as noon Mass was starting. We went to Mass since don't know what will be available for Mass Sunday. Probably about 100 @ Mass. The first church was constructed on this site in 1816. The current Basilica is the 4th building, dedicated in 1919. It is built in the High Victorian Gothic Revival style. The focal point of the interior, the 37 ft high altar, and 44 ft. long altar screen houses 23 statues of saints and angels. The rose window above the altar is 14 ft. in diameter. We were certainly impressed by the entire building.

After noon the sun finally made an appearance but the winds refused to calm. The high temperature reached 60. We headed out on the North Central Drive, heading up to Anne of Green Gables Territory. We visited the green gabled house belonging to Maud Montgomery’s cousins. This house was the model for Anne’s home. The house is furnished to coincide with the literary descriptions. The Anne series, published in early 1900s made Cavendish & Prince Edward Island famous. There are bus tours built around the stories throughout the area.

We have a new favorite food - Mussels! A gal at the Cavendish visitor center recommended the Blue Mussel restaurant at North Rustic Harbor. She suggested a menu - local beer, Blue Swell (drink), seafood chowder, Mussels, and choice of seafood. Didn't order the seafood chowder but did try Mussels, oh my - Delish! We are now spoiled by the freshest seafood available. This afternoon those little shells were at the bottom of North Rustic Bay, at 7pm we were devouring them. The drinks, mussels and scallops were a perfect meal. Never have we even considered trying mussels, would order again if guaranteed fresh from the ocean.

After dinner we followed the shore drive to the Gulf St. Lawrence to watch the sunset over the water. Beautiful wild cliffs of red sandstone make up the north shore. On the way out we saw 3 fox along the road. Heading out after sunset we saw them again in the same area. They didn’t seem afraid of the crowd, just shy about crossing the road.

Doing the North Coast drive tomorrow. Hope to stop @ Acadian Festival in time to see the boot throwing contest. Sunshine promised for tomorrow.

Made it to Camp Walmart in Summerside PEI just in time to stream Tiger FB.

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