Ginny's Adventures 2014 travel blog

our Rainbolympic Torch

Here comes the parade!

our cheerleaders

Pam & Pam took bean bag toss from Linda & Sherri

Flo & Dana at the washer toss game

Chic and I were partners at pickleball

playing ladderball

Chic & Dawn at table tennis

Marilyn shows finesse in her game

shuffleboard was great fun

Entrants show off at Trivia

Bo and Sue made a great team!

Bocce was very popular

The crazy games were just that!

running while inside a hula hoop!

getting a plunger handle into a tp roll was a riot!

Playing I wish I were an Oscar Weyer Wiener while selling dogs!

came in 4th by .01 sec!!!

We have good scrabble players!

real volleyball!

waterpolo was energetic to say the least!

The olympics at Carefree are just so much fun! There are many events, including those that test your brain, so those not into sports can participate also! We had a parade, complete with cheerleaders and our own torch, opening ceremonies, and 2 weeks of competition and comradery! I took part in shuffleboard (both singles and doubles), pickleball, ladderball (some call it hillbilly golf), washer toss, bean bag toss (also called cornhole), and kayak races. I helped out with the scrabble matches - they were timed and I looked up words that were contested - and the water polo game - I kept the time for the halfs.

While I didn't win any ribbons or medals, I had great fun and made new friends along the way!

btw - I didn't take any of these pictures! I took part and watched the games - didn't feel like bringing my camera - many photographers all around! thanks to Pam, Cindy, another Pam, and probably others who posted pics on FB and let us download them for ourselves!

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