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Carpe at Tuba City Quality Inn RV park

Our trip on US 191 was graced with spectacular vistas

Wilson's Arch along US 161 south of Moab

US 191 vista

We pick up US 163 with 7,000'+ passes

US 163 passes thru the town of Bluff, UT
Wonder how they decided...

US 163 Vista

US 163 Vista

Monument Valley in southern Utah
We are agape every time we pass thru

Monument Valley

We cross into Arizona in Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Carpe in Monument Valley

Monument Valley

US 163 Vista

Fri, 26 Sep: Time for Plan B!!!

Recall that we often mention that when RVing one should always have a Plan B (and "C" and even possibly "D")? The past 24 hours are a perfect example of why.

After parking at Ken's Lake south of Moab last evening we decided it was time to prepare Happy Hour nibbles and get ready to prepare dinner. We opened our fridge, which was merrily (or so we thought) chugging along on LP, only to discover that the temperatures were a tad warm. It was quite hot out so we figured it'd cool back down once the sun went behind the mountains.

It was a good theory, but even after the sun set and it started to cool down outside, the fridge still didn't "chill out". By bedtime it was in the low fifties, which is not at all good!

First thing this morning we called Leon back in Indiana. Leon installed the new cooling unit this past June and he is a master technician on these ammonia cycle fridges. He suggested we try running it on AC power, which we did once we started the generator. It seemed to be running better, but still not perfect.

Soooo, to make a long story shorter, we elected to head south to Casa Grande where we know that Wes, our appliance whiz, will make it right. We would also have the option of putting our food in the clubhouse fridge/freezer till ours get mended.

Hence, our premature, and quite reluctant departure from Ken's Lake. We hit the road a few minutes B4 ten. Our route took us thru some of the most spectacularly beautiful and majestic scenery, southeast Utah and northeast Arizona. US 191 to US 163 along the San Juan gorge and into Monument Valley.

We moved to US 160 at Kayenta and continued another 75 miles to Tuba City Arizona where we'll spend the nite. We arrived at 1413 (Mountain Standard Time) after a run of 236 miles. We're in a commercial RV park with 110v AC power so we can try to nurse the fridge along. So far it's getting the fridge part down to the mid 40s, still a tad warm but an improvement.

Today's run, which included climbing to more than 7,000 feet altitude several times and many 8% or greater hills was a dismal 7.4 mpg. But, given the circumstances not too shabby.

Tomorrow we should get to Casa Grande. We're not too thrilled with our early arrival as the temperatures still exceed 100 degrees on a daily basis. Once the fridge is healthy we may take some trips to cooler climes.

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