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Diamond Shield

loosening the coating

removing the adhesive

The man we bought our motor home from had money to burn. If there was an extra option, he opted for it. For the most part we have profited greatly from his deep pockets. But one of the $1200 options he chose - Diamond Shield - has been a great disappointment. Diamond Shield is a thick plastic coating that has been applied to the front of the motor home with adhesive. Over the years the DS has cracked and peeled off in places, allowing dirt to creep underneath that we cannot clean off. In spots where the DS appears to be intact, there are dark shadows and blips. They look like we went through a cloud of insects of Biblical proportions. We can't get these marks off either. We saw a motor home based in Florida and in the humidity fungus and algae were growing beneath the DS. The front of that coach was black.

When we went online to research what to do about it, it was clear that we were not alone. Many, many frustrated RV'ers have tried all manner of solution, including contacting the company and asking for relief - to no avail. Our final conclusion was that we have to pay someone about $1,000 to take it off or try to do so ourselves. We felt very uncertain; would the paint underneath peel off with the DS leaving the front of our motor home looking even worse than it does now?

We went to the hardware store and purchased a heat gun, plastic scrapers, rubber gloves and xylene. Anytime one of us has an extra hour, we are out there with the heat gun (or my hair dryer) melting the adhesive just enough to loosen it and then peeling off the coating. Too much heat and the plastic turns into a gooey mess. In the more damaged spots it comes off in tiny pieces, leaving large smears of adhesive behind. But the paint underneath looks great and the xylene removes the adhesive and if we keep at it and at it and at it, some day all the Diamond Shield will be gone.

It is easier to work on this job here than at home, where we are only allowed to park in front of our home for 24 hours. As we work a steady parade of fellow campers stop by to see what we are doing, offer encouragement or complain about their own Diamond Shield woes. The weather has been so beautiful here this weekend, it is fun to be outside no matter what we are doing, even removing Diamond Shield.

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