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The flight home could not have been any easier. The plane was half full so we each had a row of empty seats for snoozing. With such a long flight, even after I put in my eight hours of shut eye, there was still plenty of time for reading and listening to podcasts. Each seat had a USB port so we left the plane with all our devices fully charged. We carry battery supplements for such long flights, but didn't ned them at all.

It appeared that we were the first international flight to arrive at O'Hare. We used the new self check in kiosks available to US citizens while long lines formed for the mostly non-US folks that shared the flight with us. I'm not sure what the kiosks are supposed to accomplish. We still had to wait to check in with an agent. As the bags came down the carousel, they spun round and round as most of the passengers were still waiting to be processed. Our good buddy Charlie arrived five minutes after we were ready to leave and the expressways were empty at 7am on a holiday morning.

Although the freezer is full, we had no fresh food in the house and no way to replace it on a major holiday. We planned to go to Larry's Diner, which boasts every year about all the senior citizens it feeds for free every Thanksgiving. Bt wouldn't you know it, when we pulled into the parking lot, Larry's was closed up tight. Every restaurant we passed was closed. We were surprised to see that Dominick's was open. Right before we left on this trip it was announced that this grocery chain was about to close. Was this their last ditch effort to make a few bucks? We felt sorry for their employees that had to work today, but were grateful for purchase a traditional turkey dinner ready for the reheating.

After this yummy bland meal, free of all the exotic Indian spicing we have struggled to like for the last few months, we went back to bed. Judging by past experience, it will be more than a week before we will feel fully present. But you can unpack and put up Christmas decorations at 3am as easily as 3pm. It's all good.

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