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Ridin' the Bus to Congress

Walking from the bus to the Cannon Building (1.5 miles!)

Recoginze the name?

On the way to the congress, through the tunnels

In the Congressional tunnels

In the visitor's center

Feet on the center of the city

the capital dome

Library of Congress

On the tour of the LOC

At the Washington Monument

the WWII Monument

The Lincoln Memorial

Four score and seven years ago...

Today, we went on a bus ride to Congress! Well, not exactly, but we went to the Cannon building, which is where the some of the House of Representatives’ members’ offices were, including the one for Davis where Auntie Jill and Cosmo lives in. We didn’t get to meet congressman Thompson, but we met his intern, who led us on a tour, that started from the Cannon Building, and went underground to the Congress building! We toured around, and the things were very interesting. For example, each state gets to pick 2 statues of people to have in the building! California’s were statues of Ronald Reagan and Junipero Serra. For lunch, we went to this cool pizza place called “We the Pizza”. After lunch, we took a walk to the Library of Congress, where we had another tour! We saw really cool things, such as the first Bible ever printed! We couldn’t touch it, because it was in a glass case. It was really cool.

After returning home to relax a little bit, we struck out again in the evening and went to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the WWII memorial. Prior, I had only seen them in pictures, but now, I got to see them in their full glory. I felt wonder, I learned that when you see something in a picture, it isn’t as good as seeing it in person. This was an extraordinarily great day.

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