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cool bridge

Dinner and [place of the "incident"

Mom and Dad watching our stuff as we unload the RV

Locked up till we get the atttch point welded

Got a slow start out of Dawson Creek after I discovered a broken bolt on the hitch for the swivel wheel.....luckily we found it before the other bolt broke too! Located a great hardware store and got on the road about an hour late. We were headed to Ft Nelson, but when we stopped to get fuel it turned out the station was closed and we had to make a reasonably tight turn around.....WELL....the swivel wheel hit a concrete wall and broke one of its 2 attach points!!!! VERY BAD!!! That caused it to tip up on one side with the back of the motorcycle angled into the concrete and cause some slight damage to the rv :( (Had to strap up the broken side and drag the RV further to clear the concrete. Then one by one had to release the straps of the motorcycle as Harry VERY CAREFULLY backed it down the steeply angled swivelwheel. We were able to get the motorcycle off and get the swivel wheel disconnected from the rv). Of course we were in the middle of nowhere....happens alot up here...but we were able to find the Sikanni RV park about 25 minutes away. Jackie and I are going back to Ft St Charles tonight to see if we can get it welded so we can get back on the road!

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