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Trams waitng at the terminus

The Cascades

Gracie on a bridge in a National Park with her assistant owner

Tram standing at the Cascades

Dog under tram seat

main st Pemberton, note bakery on the right

A bracing picnic

Climbing the tree

Carol begins her ascent

Gnome stalks a hardenbergia....

An exciting day today, started very early when I had to go outside to fix the awning that was flapping in the breeze, and then it poured rain. Lovely…

Anyway we had planned to experience tall trees, trams and wildflowers today so nothing was going to stop us and we set off to Pemberton in high spirits. Purchased our tickets after unsucessfully trying for seniors/pensioner discounts and set off by tram through the forest. The Motorman gave an informative and humorous discourse quoting plants by their Latin names. One Karri tree mills up into enough timber to build 3 cottages - the only things in them that is not wood is the Galvanised iron on the roofs and the glass in the windows. During the 15 minute stop at the cascades Carol and Gracie were pictured in the National Park, yes a dog in a National Park. The Cascades were really spectacular there is water cascading over some rocks in the National Park; I mean who would have thought….. The trip ends halfway across the Warren River Bridge then we ran back to Pemberton in top notch…

After that excitement we sought a covered picnic spot for lunch and eventually found one at Big Brook Dam and had our picnic lunch. I would have preferred a pie in the Bakery; it was not good picnic weather… You can see our beaming countenances at the picnic in the picture… It would be glorious there in better weather.

Then on to the Gloucester Tree, it’s very tall (64 metres) and you can see our futile attempts at climbing it. Climbing up lengths of steel reinforcing bar stuck into a tree’s trunk in the rain just somehow lacked reason, both brain and body declined… A truly spectacular tree though.

Driving back to camp we stopped at the Diamond tree for a look and it’s much the same though not as high. It seemed to have a landing halfway up and more modern buildings on top, these climbing trees are fire spotting trees after all.

We returned to Manji and went looking for someplace to have dinner and on Tuesdays there is not much choice, an expensive restaurant attached to a motel, the pub bistro which was sort of eat in take away, Chicken Treat or the Chinese. The Chinese won as a local assured us it was “very nice”, we will get back to you on that.Back from dinner and it was very good, a great banquet.

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