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This doesn't show the grass fire very well - but you get...

Parking Lot of Home Depot

Skyping with DGD#6. I told her she looked like a pilot.

We packed up, got some gas for the MH, hitched up the PU and were on the road by 11. Really hate these early mornings. LOL

We had less than 200 miles and were were going to park at the Home Depot so we were in no hurry.

At about the 417 MM on I-90 in MT we saw a big grass fire. It had covered one whole hill and was headed for some others. They had two helicopters dipping water out of the Yellowstone to fight the fire.

We later stopped at a rest area and I made some sandwiches and we vegged awhile eating and talking. I had no internet service so I couldn't even surf. Again we were just wasting time so we didn't arrive too early.

The fuel in Reed Point was about 40 cent per gallon higher than in Sheridan so we got what we thought would get us there. As we crossed the MT/WY state line the gauge showed closer to empty than we really wanted it to. So we stopped in Ranchcester for some more. We had no problem getting in - had to wait a bit for the car in front of us - but while we were pumping gas a semi pulled in to unload groceries to the gas station/store. He blocked us from turning left. Then two Harleys moved in and parked at the store front blocking us from turning right.

I went into the store to ask how long the semi would be in - the bikers heard us and heard the store clerk say the semi would be there a long time but maybe when the bikers moved we could get out that way.

Well, 20 minutes later - after they wandered the store, went potty, and re-arranged the packs on the back of their bikes - they s l o w l y moved out. Ron had enough room then to get out. Geeesh! What ever happened to common courtesy? There was plenty of room for them to move the bikes so we could have gotten out.

Anyway, we proceeded to the Home Depot and parked near some empty trucks on the side of the parking lot. We went in to ask permission and ask where we should park. The store manager said we could stay and that we were in the perfect spot.

We purchased an 8 ft piece of 2 x 10 and had it cut in 8 pieces for our jack stands and settled in for the night.

Our son called and asked if we had downloaded Skype yet. I hadn't as it was on the old computer - so I downloaded it and we Skyped with DGD#6 for a while. Yesterday was her first day of Kindergarten so we talked about that. She still wasn't sure about this whole thing but near the end we got more than one word answers.

It was hot in the parking lot. Our indoor/outdoor thermometer showed 102 outside but that was the sun shining on the bay door where the outside sensor is located. I'm sure it was in the high 90's. We had every window open and the Fantastic Fans going so it wasn't too bad. We just had salad and snacks for dinner.

After dinner, Ron went for a walk in Home Depot and found some flooring samples to bring back. We plan to pull up the carpet and put down flooring in the rig this winter.

We hit the bed early about 9 and dropped off to sleep almost right away. We were woken by a street sweeper going all over the lot this morning but not much noise the rest of the night. Ron said he heard some trains but I don't seem to hear them anymore. There were about one an hour at the last campground.

Today we will drive to Gillette and stop at a church. That will be a first for us. Wally world there is on a very busy intersection and close to the interstate. I think we will have a quieter night at the church.

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