Wandering Wolverines 2010 travel blog

a beautiful day - blue skies!

and beautiful scenery too!

big rock slide. . . heading to West Yellowstone

so pretty

love mountain streams

big rocks & fast water

more water

looks like a good place to stop

fun on a hot afternoon

really big cliff - we feel very small


near Henry's Lake, Island Park, ID

For Sale. . .

very calming meadow/valley

Our little home on the range!

who's watching who???

2 moose walking along water's edge

movin' on

these people were a little too close. . .

1 moose walked across the road & into woods-2nd moose in brush...

looking up river - it was filled w/canoes, rafts, swimmers a little...

beautiful small waterwheel

Rainbow Trout in crystal clear stream

Sea Gulls waiting to get food tossed for fish

2 Rainbow Trout

1 of several springs

pretty water plants

what a beautiful park area

view of waterwheel from path above

The house that is sometimes open for visiting

even the path to the outhouse is creative!

more springs

pretty flowers on high bushes

lots of pretty little blue flowers on low plants in the shade

going back towards Red Rock - large mountains

Lots of very healthy cattle in this area

just love all these old fences!

walking up the pathway

many wild flowers

huge covered porch across the back of the house - beautiful!

Pretty cool bench -

back at Red Rock

Wow, a sunset - it's been a very long time!

Well, this was a different morning for us. We have less than 2 hrs to drive to Island Park, ID so I fixed a big breakfast. I have been very puzzled by cooking utensils disappearing from my "huge" kitchen, so I pulled my 2 kitchen drawers out & Ron checked the area below for missing "things". With a flashlight, he was able to locate large & small knifes (1 each), 2 spatulas & several misc. objects that had been missing for some time! All of our bad roads seem to have caused them to jump around enough that they went over the edge of the drawers! So I ended up washing everything & switching the contents around - hopefully that will solve that problem. At least I know there aren't any little gremlins hiding my stuff!

So it wasn't until about 10:30 AM (MT) that we were able to get on the road, but our little buggy is much cleaner now. Cannot wait to get home to run the vacuum on the carpeting - have been just sweeping it & I know there is dust deep down in everything!

Bozeman seems like a very nice town & is fairly easy for travelers to get around in. It is sunny & very hot, supposed to reach the 90s today!

We headed S towards West Yellowstone, an area we have not been to before. We are staying at Red Rock RV Park in Island Park, ID. It is about 20 miles from the Park entrance, but has a unique draw - for the last couple of years I have been following a travel blog of a couple who sold most of their belongings & hit the road full time. They are living the life I dream of, staying in one place for as long as they wish & seeing much of this great country at an easy pace. So I am very excited to finally meet Juanita & Gordon P. - who have become good-well ambassadors everywhere they stay!

Our afternoon & evening went very quickly - I will have to fill in the details later as it is getting very late. The Red Rock area is very nice, I am so glad we were able to go there. More later . . .

Critter count: 2 big moose near Red Rock, coyotes "singing" across the meadow at Red Rock

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