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Frost on the ground at our campsite - UGH!

Bay of Fundy - Hopewell Rocks - an hour after high tide

Two hours later - the same spot, with Malcolm under the arch

Looking the other way - the steps down to the beach

Fundy tidal flats

Another New Brunswick covered bridge

Lighthouse at Cape Enrage on the Bay of Fundy

We took an extra day to rest up at our campsite near Truro, but the freezing temperatures at night told us we had to move along towards the south, so we headed up the highway towards Amherst and across into New Brunswick again. We took the "Fundy Tidal Route", so that we could look at some more of the awesome wonders of Fundy. By the way - all my photos show hot-chocolate-coloured water - that's correct - it is. We made our biggest stop at the Hopewell Rocks, also known as the Flower Pots because all you can see at really high tide are little rock bowls with vegetation growing out of them. By the time we arrived an hour after high tide they were already well out of the water, and by the time we left the beach nearly two hours after that the tide had fallen at least another 8 feet or so - unfortunately we didn't want to take the time to stay for three more hours until low tide to walk in the flats out in the bay. We did take another small side road to head out to Cape Enrage to see another lighthouse and more brown waves, then headed into the outskirts of Saint John for the night (did I mention we found more fresh lobsters to buy along the way???)

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