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Our mission today was to find a campsite that would suit our last night in the campervan and our first night in the tent.

We found a post office and bought a big box so we can send some of our excess baggage on to Auckland. United Campervans have kindly agreed to accept the parcel and hold it for us with our bike bags until we arrive.

Then we drove down to the beach at New Brighton, just to see the sea. It was a bit of a mess actually because they had had a big fireworks party last night and the big clean up was on. It was also pretty cold. Nick walked out along the peer while I watched from the van.

After that we drove out towards Kaiapoi, which seemed to be about far enough out the north side of town to suit our requirements, and had 2 campsites. We checked both out and settled on the one a little bit further out, but with better facilities (just).

The campsite is really weird. Not really a campsite first and foremost, more of a mobile home park with a few camping spaces. There must be over a hundred permanent residents here in accommodation ranging from tiny little caravans to prefabricated bungalows, none much bigger than a double garage. Some have lovely gardens, carports and built in watering systems, others just look a mess.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sorting and packing, ready for the big change over. We did think about putting the tent up, but as it started to poor with rain, we decided against that.

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