Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

arrived at Sorrento station

Sorrento town on the cliff

private beaches

a view of Sorrento from the hill

at sunset

positano town on the way to Amalfi

is another cliffy town

can you see the edge of the road? bus driving 30cm off...

lexi in the town of positano

swim at Amalfi

water is so clear and green

lexi and busy Amalfi beach

our balcony

Pompeii ruins

so hot....

these bodies were found under volcanic ash

it is like a maze, we got lost a few times

lexi taking a break in the shade

After a night in Naples we took a train to Sorrento, a beautiful seaside resort town. When we went to buy our train tickets, I was surprised to see that lexi speaks Italian pretty good, good enough to get by daily basic communication (she must have been paying attention to those Italian classes back in High School after all). Bravo Lexi! It was about one hour train ride, but it wasn’t a very pleasant ride, it was hot, probably around 33-4 degrees and train was packed with no air-conditioning. However it all paid off when we got there. This lively resort town is set on amazingly steep cliffs above emerald green beaches, and full of tiny little paths with hundreds of cafes, shops, restaurants and beautiful old churches.

We stayed at a little budget hotel near the station, and were very lucky to get the only one room with a balcony in the hotel, so we offcourse spent a lot of time on the balcony having dinner, reading books etc. It didn’t have an ocean view but had a great view of the mountains and the lively main street in front of the hotel.

One day we headed to the famous Amalfi coast by bus. It was one of the scariest bus rides ever in my life, not only the bus driver drives the narrow cliff road like Formula 1 driver, but the bus was literally on the edge of the cliff. When I looked down from the window, what I saw was 300m cliff drops straight down to the magnificent emerald green ocean. The day we visited Amalfi coast was on Lexi’s 29th birthday and we had a great lunch at the nice cosy restorante in the town centre of Amalfi. We sat on the terrace looking at a church and ocean at the same time, with a three piece Italian band playing songs like mi amore and quando,quando near our table; it was just a perfect romantic birthday lunch. After having beautiful pasta, we headed down to the beach and enjoyed swimming in the Mediterranean ocean. It’s amazing on the Amalfi Coast that you have to pay to swim at the beach, to have a sun lounge among the bronzed Italian bodies you’re looking at about AU$20pp and if you just want to sit on the beach and swim its AU$10! We are not that rich so we found some jetty rocks for our base, and we jumped into the water from there. It was much better than the crowded beach anyway.

We also visited Pompeii, famous for the Volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius in AD 79 that left Pompeii buried under volcanic ash. The ruins were such a huge area to cover and the day was 35 degrees, so you could imagine how hard it was to walk under the sun for 4-5hours. However it gave us insight of daily life of ancient Romans and was just amazing to be there. The ruins are actually perfectly preserved by volcanic ashes, and it wasn’t too difficult to trip back a few thousand years. We also felt like being back in Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

We are just so glad to have visited here, and to watch how Italians spend their summer holidays and we will never forget this dramatic scenery of colourful towns perched high on cliffs with beautiful beaches below.

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