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Petunias line the sidewalks in Charlevoix, Mi


Big grocery list!

Family returning from shopping

4-H fairgrounds where we are staying


Attending a family reunion at the fairgrounds


A quilt patterned flower garden

"Rolling thunder"

Returning to the refreshing simplicity of rural Amish life was just fine. When we abruptly left Michigan, the road took us through orchard country. We stopped for a few fresh vegetables but also hoping to get cherries. The weather has been cooler this spring; consequently, the annual cherry festival will be held minus the main product. Disappointing to leave with no cherries. There's always hope for a second chance when we return for the Waterford hydroplane boat race. Tomorrow morning is the scheduled appointment. Upon arriving we observed the RV factories and parts companies seemed closed. They are "down" for inventory. It was good to know these folks were not jobless! You know how I speak of an RVer's friendliness? Sure enough here "they" came to extend an invitation to join them for supper. It is a small world as Kathy was in the same graduating class with Bill and Helen(their journal gave us the RV spirit)! No not high school but an RV rally graduation. Each manufacturer has a rally for friendship, education, and service. As we continue with RVing, we feel certain we will be going to a rally next summer. The benefits are too numerous to miss. Anyway, back to getting service and sightseeing. I'd like to quote a paragraph which sums up the Amish lifestyle quite well. "These descendants of Switzerland's 16th century Anabaptist movement lead a modest life that's fascinatingly different than ours in many ways, and comfortably familiar in other aspects. The Amish center their lives on the family and their group. They believe modern conveniences detract from family life. Yet the restrictions on those conveniences are often negotiated, and vary from community to community. That's why during a visit you're apt to see Amish kids riding mountain bicycles and horse drawn buggies wheeling through drive-in banks. The Amish take pride in being intrepid and hard working entrepreneurs who serve up some of the region's best food and produce heirloom-quality quilts, furniture and other items that demand skilled hands and disciplined minds."

There are over thirty 4-H groups in Elkhart County. Whatever the club selction, the teens learn and work their skills here. Look at those gardens tended by teens! I haven't ever seen the likes of this fair grounds with more than the usual pigs, cows, horse, etc. Isn't this just heartwarming?

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