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Frozen Water Supply line-----19 degrees

Running water frozen in mid stream....now that is cold!!!!

The deer can be seen easily from inside the RV

These little fellows were not afraid of nothing.


This is the bath house located about 30 yards from our RV..it...

There are some huge camping sites and level

Each site has 30 amp supply

This is my remote outside temperature sensor...33.4 degrees

The evening sun is setting into the camera here...lots of trees so...


Old Stone Fort Archeological State Park

Manchester, Tennessee. 70 miles south of Nashville.

Weather: Cold / Sunny High 50’s Low 30’s

January 15, 2010

Hello Family and very close friends,

Hope every one is enjoying the latest blast of warm air to hit our part of the state. After 2 nights of bone chilling temperatures we are supposed to have a night above freezing tonight. We are situated so deep in the woods here that we are having a hard time seeing the sun like folks are outside the park. So, maybe it will be above freezing tonight.

Our first night the temps dropped to 19 degrees and our outside lines froze solid and the water stopped. For awhile I thought some of the line inside had frozen. After checking things out very close I found the ice only was in the outside rubber hose line to the water supply.

I took some pictures of how the line was frozen so check that out. I have never seen water freeze solid while the water was running. I got a picture of that as well. So…I forgot one big thing about winter camping, and that was to DISCONNECT the outside water supply hose and DRAIN before the temps drop below freezing.

The main reason we are over in this part of the state is to help care for Chris’s Mom for a few days and to also visit with family and friends. Chris’s mom is requiring daily care. Each day we will be checking on her and visiting with her. Hopefully everything will go Ok during our 10 day stay.

Yesterday, we had a chance to visit with my mom and sister in Pelham (about 25 miles from our campground). We also had a nice visit with Chris’s brother and family at a local restaurant. The J&G Pizza restaurant in Manchester makes a mean Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

This morning, as I drove up to our campsite, I notice a herd of about four (4) doe deer grazing near our camper. They acted like I didn’t exist, so I got a couple of good pictures of them. Nice morning drinking coffee and watching the deer nearby. What a way to spend a morning on a sunny winter’s day.

At noon today, we had a chance to visit with old schoolmates for lunch at the Sweet Aroma Café in Tullahoma, Tennessee. One of our schoolmates owns the Café and it is inside the old Coca Cola plant located on Wilson Ave., in Tullahoma. This building was the original bottling plant and was built in the early 1900’s.

The bottling plant was active up thru the 1970’s and eventually was closed. Since then it has been purchased and now there are several novelty shops and the Café located inside. Perfect for inside shopping and snacking. Lots of old nostalgic items are in the building from the active Coca-Cola production days as well as old city photos of the era. I would recommend this stop if you would like to see (and taste) a really great place from Tullahoma’s past. Here is the web site for the place CLICK HERE

After lunch we drove out to Tim’s Ford State Park (about 15 miles near Winchester, Tn), and visited with a very close friend we have known since high school. We had a good time just talking about old times and visiting with her. Wish we could have stayed longer, but, we had to get on back to Manchester to have supper with Chris’s sister and her husband. After a super great meal of grilled rib eye steaks and some wonderful fellowship, we reluctantly had to say good night. Thank you Vic and Linda for a great time. You guys are invited to our Camper for Chili later on this week as we can't afford the steaks :)

We returned back to the Cougar after dark, and noticed that some of the campsites were being manned by more brave (cold) campers. So, on this winter's night we will have company in the park.

It was nice to see the shimering friendship lights across the way. In the dark you could see (and smell) the fire pits all a glow. Emitting large plumes of smoke rising in slow large circles and reaching upward into the frosty darkness.

Every time I see this I want to break out the marshmallows and the hot dogs!!!

Oh well!! More exploring and interesting things to check out are on the schedule….maybe we will check out the malls in Nashville??? Who knows.

Check out the pictures at the top of the log…..more to come in the next update. Please sign the guest log to let us know you were here!!!

In memory of my Dad……the adventure continues……

Later Alligators,

Archie, Chris and Chad (The wonder dog)

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