Exploring Canadian Backroads Coast to Coast 2007 travel blog

Rhonda's grandfather's house that we stayed in at in Ferryland

The beach at Ferryland

Attack of the ducks - Ferryland

A newcommer to the area

Ferryland harbour

The archeological dig at the Colony of Avalon

The archeological dig at the Colony of Avalon

The Colony of Avalon

Ferryland Harbour

Once again the weather changed abrubtly. We walked out onto the deck of our little house at 8:00 AM and it was really warm. The sun was beating down on us and there wasn't a cloud in sight. The water in the bay was as smooth as glass. As we stood on the deck we could see an oil drilling platform going by in the distance. Not long after we sat down for coffee on the deck the whales appeared and really put on show spouting water and even coming out of the water at times. The surprised just keep comming here in Ferryland.

I walked down the road a little to take a few photo's a met Harold O'Keefe, Ronda's uncle. He is seventy five and lived here all his life. He is a retired fisherman and lives in a house just below Ronda's Grandfather's house where we were staying. The O'Keefe's settled this valley in Ferryland and he pointed to the other houses while talking about his neices, nefews and cousins. He was a great fellow and we had a wonderfull visit out on the road.

After packing up we went up to the cafe to return the key. Ronda introduced us to her cousin Tina and once again we had a nice visit on the porch of the cafe. Ronda then took a picure of us and planned on e-mailing it to us. What an experience, meeting these people. We hated to leave.

At Ferryland there is an archeological site called the Colony of Avalon. The first permanent colony here was established in the late 1400's and the original buildings were build of stone. The site was discovered in 1988 and a detailed archeological dig excavation has been ongoing for the past 10 years. We took a guided tour of the site including the ongoing excavation and it was quite fascinating.

We left Ferryland about 2:00 PM and headed south to Trepassey. Once again we stopped and explored all the coves, bays and side roads. There is plenty to explore along this coast. We arrived in trepassey about 5:00 PM, having only covered a total of 70 KM for the day but traversing several hundred years of history along the coast. Another great day in Newfoundland!

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