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The World's Largest Open Pit Mine And It Is Visible From Space

These Are the 85 Ton Trucks

Wendy and Tim By One of The Huge Tires Used on the...

The Salt Flats

Lots of Salt!

The Great Basin in Nevada

We took a few easy days around Salt Lake City with Wendy at her new home. I got her DVD player hooked up to the TV with the cable box. So she can watch movies when she has a few minutes. Susan cleaned the windows and blinds. Wendy also prepared two wonderful dinners for us that we really enjoyed. Cooking is a hobby that she really enjoys and we had wonderful dinners. We took the "in the area tour" and visited the Kennicott Copper Mine near SLC. This place is the only man made object that is visible from space. It is 3/4 mile deep and 2.75 miles across. Standing at the visitors center in the mine and seeing it all is just an unreal experience. The trucks used to haul the ore to the processing plant weigh 85 tons empty and can carry from 250 to 360 tons of ore. The loaders for the trucks can load a truck with 3 scoops! I watched a truck load up in about 90 seconds. The mine is only getting ore that is under 2% copper and still makes money.

On Saturday, we visited the Farmer's Market in a park in downtown SLC. It was a great time with fresh peaches, tomatoes, and so much other fruits and veggies--I can't remember them all. We sampled alot a great salsas and bought some also. There was a food stand selling Mexican food so enjoyed some really great tacos that reminded us of San Antonio. I also bought some hand-made cheese that is out of this world for flavor.

The next day we drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon that is about 20 minutes from Wendy's home to Brighton Ski Area. About 5 miles up the Canyon we saw a bull moose and a cow moose. Both looked huge. The horns on the bull moose were gigantic!

So we packed up and left SLC and headed west to Nevada. Along the way we passed by the Bonneville Salt Flats where the world speed records are set. We walked out on the salt flats and they are really white and SALTY! Further along we entered Nevada and headed south to Ely and the Great Basin.

We arrived in Ely and set up prior to visiting downtown to plan our stay. After a quick trip to town--it is very small--Tim discovered a nail in one of the trailer tires. So for the first time, we took off the trailer tire and got that fixed. Next time Tim is going to get a better jack to make the job easier. So after a busy afternoon, we watched a beautiful sunset and the stars really came out for the night. We expect the temps to drop to about 35 tonight.

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