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Yesterday morning we were awake early enough to have our morning coffee, before getting things ready to move.

We went about our normal “moving day” tasks in a leisurely manner, knowing that we had less than 100 miles to travel, and pulled out of Deer Creek Valley RV Park right at 9:00 AM.

One thing I had not mentioned about the previous day’s travel was that I had noticed what appeared to be a screwdriver in the road and was unable to avoid running over it. That provided some anxiety for a few minutes but all appeared ok. Then yesterday morning as we did our final walk around of the rig, I noticed something unusual hanging from the bottom of our RV. Sure enough, that screwdriver had bounced up and impaled the bottom of our RV. It was in a spot which did no damage other than a small slit, the width of the screwdriver blade. I pulled it out and tossed it in the back of the truck bed, until it finds its way into my tool box.

We arrived in Liberty, MO after a drive of 80 miles. We spoke to the people we know and gave them a list of items to be repaired. I also had one empty propane bottle filled and had the empty spare filled while I was at it. We now have three full propane bottles, which should last us until well into the winter.

If you read our journal regularly you are aware that we have been trying for some time to get a fireplace heater switch replaced. Well, that was the first item on our list! Guess what! Wrong switch again! I now have three new switches, none of which are the correct one for our fireplace. We can still use the fireplace but not the heater part of it.

They also had to order the canvas for the slide topper, ruined when a pine tree grabbed it in Colorado. One more thing on order is the cable to release the footrest on Marilyn’s recliner. These items will be drop shipped to me in Hannibal and I’ll repair the chair and the fireplace myself. The awning will be repaired by a dealer near Palmyra, MO.

The pocket door has been repaired as well as the basement storage area door. The calking is done, all the slides have been lubed and the seals sprayed.

Since we arrived at our dealers on the day prior to our appointment, they were very kind to get us worked in for the repair work.

By the time we were finished it was after 4:00 PM so they told us just to stay the night in our RV. They hooked us up with 30 Amp power and water and we are all comfy here.

One thing we don’t have is wi-fi service, so we’ll have to wait until we get to Hannibal to post this journal entry, and to read the journals of our friends.

We will pay the bill this morning and be on our way. Remember, I like boring travel days.

We really look forward to seeing the kids and Colby. Also, our friends, Kit & Jerry are already camped in Hannibal, at the Mark Twain Campground. We had asked the staff there to attach a map to their paper work, showing Kit & Jerry how to get to McDonalds for breakfast. They mentioned it in their blog and suspected our complicity in that little matter. 

So yesterday was a good day and we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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