Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Caprock Canyons in Late Afternoon

Caprock Canyons in Morning Light

Lake Theo

Bison Sculptures on Eagle Point Trail


Bison Grazing in Protected Pasture


Today I left New Mexico and re-entered the Promised Land at around 11:15. The drive across the plains was uneventful. I arrived at Caprock Canyons State Park, just north of Quitaque, around 4:15. My home is in the Honey Flat Camping Area. My cell phone service is very uncertain here so I didn't even try to check my PocketMail messages.

This park is the home of the "Official Texas State Bison Herd". These animals are descendants of the Charles Goodnight bison herd. There is a nice collection of two-dimensional bison sculptures on the grounds of the interpretive center.


This morning I was up early and headed out for quite a long walk -- about three hours, I think. I wanted to beat the heat. I checked out part of the Eagle Point Trail and all the areas around Lake Theo. It is a small but very pretty lake with tent camping and picnic spots all around it. It was named for former landowner, Theodore Geisle.

At the western end of the lake, there is the Folsom Historical Site where archeologists unearthed some significant artifacts. Stone tool fragments were discovered in 1965 and 1972 on the shores of the lake. In 1974, archeological testing revealed a campsite and bison butchering and processing area dating back to the age of Folsom Man. Projectile points and scraping tools were found at a depth of four feet, along with over 500 bones from an extinct type of bison. The bison jawbones were left by the prehistoric hunters in a ceremonial arrangement. This collection is displayed near the park entrance.

I got back to my campsite around 12:30. I made a sandwich and went out to my picnic table to eat and to read a little. I didn't stay very long, though, because of the pesky flies! Otherwise, it would have been very pleasant because of the gentle, cool breeze.

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