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4 September 2006

Day 48: Final day of our tour

Smithers, BC

We start heading home today. What an adventure this has been! Last night we had our final dinner together as a group - good food, excellent company, and a lot of laughs. We were fortunate to have so many good people on this trip.

Our drive to Smithers was a little like finding civilization - the valleys broadened, livestock farms appeared, and Smithers turned out to be a larger town than we've been in for awhile. The biggest change was no rain, and hot sun. We actually had to put the air conditioner on, although by this morning we needed the heater and the quilt on the bed. I think we're all in for a shock when we reach the lower 48 (about 3-4 days away), since we are not at all used to the heat.

Today we'll all head out to our various destinations - some will take leisurely routes back, others (like us) will try and make good time back. Our original plans (before buying the Bucksport property) was to head down the west coast, take in Yosemite and lots of other places on our way to winter in FL. Now, we'll head to the Cape for our utility trailer full of 'stuff', get caught up on family hugs and kisses, and go up to Maine to get settled before leaving for the winter months.

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