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April 23 - 26 - We made it in good time to Martin and Rebecca's in Niagara Falls, the GPS taking us right to their door. We snugged up to their house, filling up their driveway. It was cold and rainy - they blamed it on us as we seemed to have brought rain with us when we visited in the fall. We had to dig out our heavier clothes. However we had a warm welcome which made up for the damp cold. After supper the guys played a very competitive game of Risk - won by Melanie's boyfriend Graham.

Martin and Rebecca took time from their hectic schedules to go with us to Port Colborne where we got some respite from the cold wind by having lunch in a cozy hotel restaurant! Later we watched a couple of very large ships squeeze under the bridge and through the canal - the guys continued to watch while Rebecca and I checked out the chocolate shop, and we ended the day watching Phantom of the Opera.

The time in Niagara Falls went quickly, and we enjoyed every minute. We had a great visit with them and also with Ron and Lee (Rebecca's parents who live nearby and are a big help to them). The grandkids are growing up - Melanie graduating from high school, driving a car, working part time as well as keeping up with school and music and also her nice young boyfriend; Tim also busy at school and sports and playing in his band; Jonathan who is being home schooled and resisting doing long division because he can do it much quicker in his head!; and Jeremy who we watched happily getting on the school bus in the morning. We are excited about his progress - he read a whole book to us.

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