We have been checking out the fishing areas around Grand Lake..

The Colorado River runs through this area too, just beautiful!

This area has a lot to see and do...

You have to park the car and walk to see the lake...


Other critters in the area ..:)

They have a lot of great trails in the area to walk...

We walked one of the easy ones...:-)

Us with Monarch Lake in the background...taken by a ranger..:-)

It is a wowser lake..




Walking back to the car...

Hummers were all over the feeders...


Flowers in the area..



Last one!

We have been checking out all the lakes and great fishing places around town. Jerry can’t wait for Sammy to get here and start fishing with him. There are several huge lakes in the area, but we kept hearing about a special one way called Monarch Lake.

Monarch Lake is located in Arapaho National Forest just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. Although there are no campgrounds, no swimming beaches and no motorized craft allowed on Monarch Lake, the 140-acre reservoir is considered one of the most desirable destinations in the area. The reason is the hiking trails; not only is the trail around the lake relatively flat and picturesque, other major trails branch off from here to lead to some of Colorado's favorite hiking locations.

The western part of the circular trail around Monarch Lake is a part of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail that winds from Canada to Mexico. Other branches of the trail are the main access points into the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Some trails eventually wind their way into Rocky Mountain National Park. Monarch Lake is the gateway for backpackers and rugged adventurers to access true road-less wilderness in Colorado.

Fishing is a popular sport at Monarch Lake. The clear waters hold brook trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, Arctic grayling and sucker. The water is relatively shallow, reaching only 8 feet at its deepest point. Because there are no motors allowed and no boat ramp, most fishermen cast their lines from shore or use a kayak, canoe or float tube. Kayaking and canoeing are popular at Monarch lake as the water is relatively calm, the shore well-wooded and wildlife often seen. Moose often can be seen drinking in the shallows. Osprey nest near the lake and compete with anglers for the best catch. Jerry and I watched a pair of Ospreys on the nest, I got a few pictures but they were quite a long ways off.

I can’t wait for Jerry and Sammy to bring home the fish. I ordered a new smoker from QVC today for Jerry’s Father’s Day gift. This will be perfect for cooking all the fish they catch. :-) Check back later for more from Colorado.

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