This Haines Junction on the way to Watson Lake

Haines Junction Visitors center

Haines Junction Visitors center, close up.

We stayed at the Downtown RV park for the night, same place we stayed on the way up the Alcan. Becky and Dave had terrible dinner at a restaurant across the street from the park. You've got know, that most of the restaurant service along the Alcan highway in Canada is NOT upto most U.S. expectations, but this place was ridiculous! We departed next morning 8:00. As previously planned the Adlers and us split at Liard River. They went on at a faster pace and we slowed our pace. After hugs and accolades for all the fun we shared and the success of the trip, they drove on down the road out of sight around the next curve. We had lunch in the restaurant at Liard River lodge then continued for a few miles and found a nice place to stay for the night.

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