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entrance 2nd camp nothing left

at one time pine tree forest


view out our back window


Pecan vending machine

sun coming up over Kenwood

Deanna & Linda

After visiting George we rode out to Wilderness Ridge. That's where we had volunteered for a several weeks in 2011 & 2012. In August 2011 they had what they called the Bastrop fires. It burned 34,000 acres sparks from power lines started it due to high winds. Sept. 28th 24 days after the fire started it was 98% cotained the area was called the Lost Pines. It burned down every cabin,2-houses,cafeteria,chapel in other words every building and game activity on the property. The only thing that didn't burn was the gazebo at the lake. There was another camp 1 mile from this one that didn't burn and it wasn't being used. So they rented it and moved all operations over to it. They built cabins from trees that were left from the fire at the other camp. This camp had 2-houses,cafeteria,building with class rooms. Well in Oct. 2015 there was another fire that burn't 4,323 acres. There is nothing left at either camp except the gazebo by the lake. It was so sad to see the area it looks like a waste land.

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