All the boys, Dave, son Keith, grandson Kody and little Kayden.

Keith and Kayden, remember Kayden was 3 months premature, he's come along...

Kody sent us a Holloween note, cute.

Grandson Jordan and Dave relaxing against the pickup. Jordan is 12, 7th...

Catching Arctic Grayling at Delta Junction, AK

Lookin Good while fishing for Arctic Grayling at Delta Junction, AK

This is what a Arctic Grayling looks like, checkout the large dorsal...

Becky fishing on the Kenai River, near Soldatna, AK

Notice how wide the river is and how beautiful the sky was...

Finally, the midnite sunset at Delta Junction and we were still catching...

Keith, Angelique, Kody and little Kayden ready for trick or treat.

We like to go to Reno and Las Vegas for our Grandkid Fix. Of course, we like to see the Kids, too.

Dave found some photo's from the Alaskan trip and has posted them here for your "delayed" viewing pleasure.

The RV park we're in this time is truly a 5 * park. It's Oasis RV Resort, more like one of the famous casinos downtown when you drive into the gate. It's on the south side of town off I-15 and Blue Diamond. We like it as it put us closer to the kids homes.

We were SOOOOOO busy with kids and grandkids believe it or not but we didn't get around to take any pics of the resort itself. Too bad cause of the fabulous grounds there. Oh well, you'll just have to go, now won't you !

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