Our daily visitors, many deer. sometimes we have 30 - 40 for...


The ducks came in as the cleanup crew. They don't get in...


Daddy and his "boy" Chewy "The champion RV, boatin and fishing dog"

Daddy and Bambi "The other champion RV, boatin and fishing dog".

Nice boat guys, today was a sightseeing day, we'll take it fishing...

Lake Medina, last March was 40 feet down from this level.

The Family Lodge Christmas Tree

The Family Lodge TV lounge

The Kids Korner also in the Family Lodge

The Activity Center, lots going on, huh?

The Chapel in the Family Lodge, we come here for services on...

The Trading Post, has most everything you'll run out of or want.

Family Lodge central hall, where the Christmas dinner is held.

Christmas dinner, what a crowd!

More than 130 people for dinner.

Rebecca drove much of the way, 180 miles, this time as well. Dave took over for the last 30 miles to pull into the park and the space. Rebecca is getting to be a terrific driver, the more she drives the more confident she becomes and therefore the more she wants to drive. On our final few miles we stopped at the local feed store to get several 40lb bags of deer corn and squirrel food. We like to feed the deer each morning and evening while sittng at the livingroom window sipping on coffee watching them. We'll be spending Christmas AND New Years here, a total of 20 days. We were here last year in the early spring but the lake was way down, not now. we found the lake up high and beautiful what a blessing to those who need the water! On Christmas Eve we took the boat out on the lake and drove around about 3 1/2 hours to see the fishing spots and the lake front homes. We signed up for the Christmas dinner, for 6.75 each we got turkey, ham, potatoes, dressing/stuffing, rolls and everyone in attendence brings a side dish AND a dessert. So even though we can't be with family we dined with about 130 "friends". This Christmas has been a difficult adjustment for us, not having family around. We're making due but it is different and sometimes difficult. Even at this older age, homesickness can still take a grip. Though we realize it's a lifestyle we've chosen and like every other thing we've adjusted to this year, we'll make this adjustment also. Here's some pics for you of the lake, the Christmas party and the family lodge without the crowds.

Lastly, we've had terrific weather here, high 30's at night, and high 60's dur the day. A couple days of wind but so far no snow, no rain. yippee.

By the way, with this BLOG entry we've surprassed 1000 pics for your viewing pleasure, we're now upto 1034 pictures of our adventure.

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